Best Entry-Level Cordless Lawn Mowers

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Choosing the right lawn mower can transform a mundane chore into a quick and enjoyable task. As the shift towards more sustainable gardening tools gains momentum, cordless lawn mowers have emerged as front-runners in the race for efficiency and eco-friendliness. For those stepping into the realm of cordless lawn care, selecting the perfect model may seem daunting.

Our in-depth review explores a range of entry-level cordless lawn mowers, tailored for new homeowners or anyone looking to switch from traditional petrol-powered machines or cut the cord. We break down the essentials—battery life, handling, durability, and more—to help you find a mower that’s not just a tool, but a true ally in maintaining your green space. Dive into our detailed comparison of some of the best entry-level models on the market and discover which mower not only fits your garden’s needs but also aligns with your personal ease-of-use and environmental preferences.

2024 Awards: Top Picks for Entry-Level Cordless Lawn Mowers

Best for Large Lawns
Awarded to: AL-KO 18V Bosch Home & Garden Compatible Easy 3.82 Li R. With a wider cutting width and larger grass box, this model is perfect for larger areas, reducing mowing time significantly.
Best for Battery Flexibility
Awarded to: AL-KO 18V Bosch Home & Garden Compatible Easy Series. These models are compatible with Bosch batteries, offering great flexibility and cost savings for those who already have Bosch tools.
Best for Environmental Impact
Awarded to: Stihl RMA 235. Featuring an eco mode that optimizes battery usage, this mower is ideal for those who prioritize environmental sustainability.
Best for Lightweight Design
Awarded to: Mountfield Electress 30 Li. The lightest model available, it’s easy to maneuver and ideal for those needing a lightweight, user-friendly mower.
Best for Warranty and Customer Support
Awarded to: Stihl RMA 235. With up to 5 years warranty upon registration, this model offers excellent long-term customer support.

Product Overviews

Product Price Battery Cutting Width Grass Box Weight Special Features
AL-KO 18V Bosch Compatible Easy 3.22 Li R £249.00 2 x 2.5Ah 32 cm 35 litres 11.7 kg Dual battery slots, rear roller, quiet
AL-KO 18V Bosch Compatible Easy 3.82 Li R £299.00 2 x 4.0Ah 38 cm 45 litres 17.6 kg Larger cutting width, larger grass box
Stihl RMA 235 £169.00 – £389.00 Varies, AK 20 recommended 33 cm 30 litres 14 kg Eco mode, adjustable handlebar
Mountfield Electress 30 Li £159.00 20V 4Ah 30 cm 30 litres 8.788 kg Lightweight, 3 cutting heights

Feature Comparison

These entry-level models offer a range of features that are ideal for new or casual gardeners. The AL-KO models, with their Bosch battery compatibility, offer flexibility and reduce the need for multiple batteries and chargers. The Stihl and Mountfield mowers are lighter and more manageable, making them easier for less frequent use.

Battery Life and Efficiency

When considering battery efficiency, the AL-KO 18V Bosch Compatible Easy 3.82 Li R stands out with its two 4.0Ah batteries, providing extensive run times suitable for larger lawns up to 300 m². It allows for approximately 35 minutes of mowing, making it ideal for thorough jobs. Conversely, the Mountfield Electress 30 Li, equipped with a single 20V 4Ah battery, offers a more modest battery life of 20 minutes, which is adequate for smaller gardens up to 150 m².

Charge Times

The Stihl RMA 235 has a variable charge time based on the battery option chosen. If equipped with the AK 20 battery, it offers a decent balance between performance and charge time, typically ranging from 95 to 130 minutes. The Mountfield Electress 30 Li requires around 140 minutes to reach a full charge, highlighting its readiness for quick, efficient use in small yards.

Warranty and Service

In terms of customer assurance, Stihl RMA 235 provides a compelling offer with a warranty that can extend up to 5 years, subject to free warranty registration. This is particularly attractive when compared to the standard two-year warranty offered by the AL-KO models, which cover both the mower and battery. Mountfield also provides a standard two-year warranty, underscoring its commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction.

Overall, each mower has its strengths and weaknesses, but when prioritizing extensive battery life and efficient charging times, the AL-KO and Stihl models generally provide superior performance and reliability. For smaller gardens and less frequent use, the Mountfield mower offers a practical, economical solution, backed by a solid warranty.

Ease of Use and Handling

The Mountfield Electress 30 Li is noted for its lightweight design at only 8.788 kg, making it the easiest to maneuver, particularly suitable for smaller or cluttered gardens. In contrast, the AL-KO 3.82 Li R, while heavier, offers robust handling and larger wheels that are better for uneven terrain.

Environmental Impact

All models champion zero emissions; however, the Stihl RMA 235 includes an eco mode that conserves battery power when full power isn’t necessary, enhancing its environmental friendliness over competitors.

Customer Support and Additional Services

Customer service is paramount, and Stihl offers an extended warranty for up to 5 years with registration, indicating a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and product support long after purchase.

Accessories and Upgrades

For those looking to enhance their mowing experience, the AL-KO models are compatible with various Bosch batteries, providing flexibility and potential cost savings for users who already own Bosch products.

Real User Reviews

Feedback for the Stihl RMA 235 often praises its durability and efficiency, particularly noting its lightweight and easy-to-use design. Some users, however, mention that it is best suited for smaller lawns, highlighting the importance of matching the mower to your garden’s size.