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Many people find the thought of a robot that will maintain a neatly maintained lawn to be very enticing. Read on for some helpful information to help you with a decision.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Robotic Lawn Mower?

Robotic lawn mowers have proven to be far more convenient than your traditional type. Once setup, a robot lawn mower will cut your grass automatically, with no user intervention unless you adjust the mowing schedule or settings.
Some people love maintaining a well-kept lawn, but it can be time-consuming. It takes time to cut, rake, scarify, fertilise, strim, and edge your lawn. Automatic robot lawn mowers enable you to sit and relax while the machine takes care of your lawn.

Most models are completely adjustable via a user-friendly control panel, letting you to customise the look of your lawn by adjusting cutting height, frequency, and duration. Some of the more modern types can even be operated using a tablet or smartphone.

The most significant advantage with a robot lawn mower is it will help to feed your lawn, making it look lively and green. This minimises the amount of treatment required to keep the lawn green and healthy.

This is due to the way in which robot lawn mowers manage grass cuttings. Robot mowers are basically mulching mowers. This involves cutting the grass into fine clippings and scattering them throughout the lawn to replenish nutrients to the soil. Due to the cuttings being so finely chopped, you won’t notice them on your lawn, ruining the appearance of your garden

Another advantage is that your lawn will always look freshly cut. Robot lawn mowers are intended to mow regularly, even daily if needed. This keeps the grass height consistent over time, so your lawn always looks freshly trimmed.

Safety & Security

A pre programmed schedule can be set to have the mower carry out its work with no-one around, so much safer than traditional types. They also normally require a pin number to be entered to switch on, which prevents anyone other than the homeowner or an authorised individual from using it.


The batteries are normally good for 500 charge cycles. The frequency of replacement is determined by how frequently your mower is scheduled to operate. When it comes time to replace the battery in your robot lawn mower, you can do so in less than 5 minutes. The majority of models have a battery hatch that is secured with a number of screws. After removing this hatch, the old battery can be unplugged and the new battery installed.

Better for the Environment

Robot lawn mowers are more environmentally friendly than electric lawn mowers that must be plugged in or regular lawn mowers that emit gas and chemicals

Gain More Free Time

Lawn care takes time and most individuals are busy so would prefer not to have to mow the grass. With a robotic mower, after the first setup, you shouldn’t need to do anything to maintain a nice lawn year-round.

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