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A Petrol Ride-On Mower, also known as a Lawn Tractor, is the next step up from a self-propelled lawn mower and is a must-have for homeowners with larger gardens.

Whatever your reason for needing a garden tractor, there are several benefits to owning and operating one.

A lot of versatility

Ride-on lawn mowers are also very flexible. To begin, you can choose between side-ejection and rear-collection models. Both feature the option of mulching, with the latter’s inbuilt collection boxes storing up to approx 300L of grass clippings.
Because of the various cutting heights, a lawn tractor can handle intricate lawns and paddocks.

With the right add-on, a lawn tractor can be turned into an all-purpose garden machine such as a trailer, roller, fertiliser spreader, or moss raker.

Petrol Ride On Mowers are more expensive than standard electric or petrol lawn mowers, but they have a number of additional benefits, such as larger cutting decks and the ability to cover large areas of ground much faster, all of which are designed to make life easier and lawn mowing a pleasure instead of a chore.

A garden tractor for gardeners with limited mobility.

Some gardeners purchase a garden tractor because they have limited mobility and cannot use a self-propelled mower. When you are unable to mow your lawn due to a physical impairment, the work falls to someone else in the house, your lawn overgrows, or you must hire a gardener on a regular basis. A ride-on mower or garden tractor allows you to maintain your yard without putting in too much effort.

Why should you buy from Mowers2Go?

We stock a large selection of garden tractors at Cutting Edge Machinery, and the major advantage of doing so is that we will provide you with all the assistance and support you require when purchasing one for the first time. We will advise you on how to operate the tractor, basic maintenance, and how various attachments might assist you in your garden.

We stock and can supply any sort of mower you require, whether it be a petrol, battery, electric, or robotic mower.

Take a look at our selection below and get in touch today to see if we can assist you further.

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