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You’re in luck if you live in the Norwich or Norfolk area and have garden machinery needing servicing or repair. Mowers2Go™ Garden Machinery is one of several businesses that specialize in these services and are equipped to handle all issues that may arise with your lawn mower, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, or other gardening tools.

Importance of Regular Servicing

Regular servicing is essential for ensuring that your garden machinery stays in top working condition. It can also help extend your tools’ lifespan and save you money in the long run by identifying and fixing potential problems before they become more serious and costly to repair. Some common issues that can be identified and addressed during a servicing include:

  • Dull blades on lawnmowers
  • Clogged fuel filters
  • Faulty spark plugs
  • Worn belts and pulleys

In addition to these issues, servicing may include an oil change, a check of the air filter and fuel system, and a general inspection of the machinery to ensure that all parts are in good working order. It’s generally recommended to have your garden machinery serviced at least once a year or every 50 hours of use, whichever comes first.


Of course, even with regular servicing, it’s still possible for issues to arise with your garden machinery. In these cases, it’s important to have the problem promptly repaired to prevent further damage and get your tools back in working order as soon as possible. Some common garden machinery repair needs include:

  • Replacing worn or damaged blades
  • Repairing or replacing faulty engines
  • Fixing broken or damaged handles or controls

When searching for a business to handle repairs for your garden machinery, it’s important to look for one that is experienced and reputable. It’s also a good idea to get estimates from multiple businesses to ensure that you’re getting a fair price for the work that needs to be done.

Where to Find Servicing and Repairs in Norwich and Norfolk

Several Norwich and Norfolk area businesses offer garden machinery servicing and repairs. Some options include:

Acle Garden Machinery, part of Mowers2Go™ Garden Machinery

Acle Garden Machinery is a family-run business that has serviced garden machinery in the Norwich area for over 30 years. They offer a wide range of services, including blade sharpening, oil changes, engine repairs, and more. They also have a large selection of spare parts on hand, ensuring that they can get your machinery up and running as quickly as possible. Acle Garden Machinery is known for its friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as its competitive pricing.

Stihl Authorised Service Centre Repair Norwich Norfolk

Trusted Stihl Approved Service Centre

 At Mowers2Go, we take pride in being an approved Stihl service centre. This approval means we can offer our customers warranty services that adhere to the high standards set by Stihl. When you choose us, you choose peace of mind and ensure your equipment remains in skilled hands.

Lawn Mower Servicing & Repairs - Norwich, Norfolk

Lawn Mower Servicing & Repairs

Mowers2Go™ Garden Machinery are a service and sales centre approved by the manufacturer for Push, Rotary, Cylinder Lawn Mowers and Ride On Tractors.

We also offer a collection service to pick up / drop off your lawnmower or ride-on tractor.

Chainsaw Servicing & Repairs - Norwich, Norfolk

Chainsaw Servicing & Repairs

Ensure your chainsaw or pole saw is working correctly and in top condition. The petrol engine, fuel tank, and carburettor will also be cleaned and oiled as part of our service.

Brushcutter : Strimmer Servicing & Repairs - Norwich, Norfolk

Brushcutter / Strimmer Servicing & Repairs

Strimmers and brushcutters need careful maintenance to keep them safe and functional. Our mechanics will check everything, from the engine and harness points down to the mowing heads.

Hedge Trimmer Servicing & Repairs - Norwich, Norfolk

Hedge Trimmer Servicing & Repairs

Keep your hedge trimmer in top shape by ensuring it is working correctly. We will do a thorough health check and service, checking your hedge cutter’s peak performance. Contact us today, a trusted hedge trimmer repair shop.

Blade Sharpening & Replacements - Norwich, Norfolk

Blade Sharpening & Replacements

Save the cost on new mower blades with our sharpening service. Sharpening your lawn mower blades twice a year to avoid slowing down your cutting speed and poor performance.


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