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Top Picks in 'Tillers'

  1. Cobra T24C 43CC 2-STROKE MINI TILLER - £174.98
  2. Cobra T60RL 24″ Petrol Powered Cultivator - £469.98
  3. Stihl MH 445 Petrol Tiller - £584.00
  4. AL-KO MH 350-9 LM Easy – AK113727 - £349.00
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Make Ground Work and Planting Preparation a Breeze With Our Selection Of Tillers, Cultivators and Rotavators

Front Tine Petrol Powered Cultivators

Petrol cultivators, tillers, and rotavators, a time-saving alternative for necessary maintenance work, can help your plant beds grow. Let’s face it: hoeing and forking are at the bottom of the ordinary gardener’s list of favourite duties, so do away with them entirely.

Our tiller models are uniquely engineered to glide across plots with flawless balance and pressure-focus, making digging furrows a million times easier. Large tillers are ideal for similar-sized planting operations, while their tiny relatives will quickly tidy up a garden area.

Our cultivators are very simple to manoeuvre while working. It’s never been easier to get rid of weeds and debris, and we think you’ll love how they’ll enhance the quality of your planting beds. Our petrol cultivators, tillers, and rotavators will plough across any hard terrain in front of them because they’re powered, so look through our entire range for a model that suits you!

Rear Tine Petrol Rotavators

Thanks to Mowers2Go’s rear tine cultivators, frost crusts and moist clumps of soil will never hinder the process of a healthy sowing routine again. Control is essential for bringing your seedlings to maturity, and our cultivating equipment is versatile enough to work on any planting endeavour.

These machines adjust to your precise movements, wheeling over even and rising ground with the same consistency in land maintenance. Each cultivator’s multi-transmission and gearing capabilities put them on the proper track, allowing them to adapt to challenging terrain. With smart rotational blade capabilities and variable heights available, our rear tine systems can easily transform a difficult patch of land into a viable plot.

All of their functions have been intended to work for both experienced and inexperienced gardeners. Vibrant-resistant handlebars slide into your palm and stay in, directing your attention to the next section of soil. No seeding task will be too difficult with these rear tine cultivators, so have a look at our whole range.

Electric Tillers

Garden tillers that are powered by electricity save the gardener time and effort, and are suitable for smaller vegetable plots. Purchasing in a mains electric tiller will get the job done fast and eliminate the need for traditional digging, whether you’re weeding, turning over and preparing the soil for planting, or mixing in compost, manure, and fertilisers.

Electric tillers from Mowers2Go are lightweight and manoeuvrable, making them ideal for smaller or more intricately structured gardens.


Is it better to use a cultivator or a tiller?

For larger operations, tillers are preferable.

Tillers have the strength and weight to complete arduous digging tasks on large projects. Their tines are meant to push out rocks and are large enough to dig deeply. Their larger working surfaces allow them to cover more land in a single pass. Many types are self-propelled, which reduces operator fatigue significantly.

When is it appropriate to use a tiller?

Autumn and spring are the optimum times of year to utilise garden tillers. The majority of individuals propose tilling in the spring primarily based on soil temperature. The soil temperature should be warm, and the earth should be dry.

Is it possible to eliminate weeds with a tiller?

A tiny tiller can save your life (or at least a back-saver). To churn up the soil and expose the weeds’ roots to the drying sun, lightly till around plants and along walks. A light roto-tilling once or twice a week will go a long way toward keeping weeds out of your gardens.

Which tiller is better, the rear tine or the front tine?

Rear tine tillers are stronger, can turn the earth deeper, are better suited for thoroughly building new beds, can chew through tougher and rocky material, and can operate on greater areas faster due to their width.