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A lawn feed spreader is a great tool to help you spread grass feed more quickly and evenly than you could with your hands alone.

Lawn spreaders are similar to a wheelbarrow with holes, but are considerably more effective at spreading seeds evenly along with a variety of other uses.

What is the purpose of a grass spreader?

Lawn spreaders ensure that lawn care supplies are evenly distributed. You can wind up with uneven clumps of lawn fertiliser or too much weed killer in some areas and not enough in others if you don’t have one. They can also be used to distribute grass seed or even ice melt on walkways and driveways in the winter.

When it comes to gardening, finding the perfect lawn seed spreader can be a game-changer. Seed spreaders are commonly used to disperse grass seeds or fertiliser, but they can also be used for a variety of other things.

Other Useful Applications

A spreader can be used to disperse wildflower seeds and can also be used to sprinkle salt during snowy seasons.

Manual versions are available and more suitable for smaller areas, whereas tow behind & petrol powered types would make light work of larger areas and take away much of the manual effort involved otherwise.