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  1. AL-KO Easy LSH 370/4 Electric Log Splitter (4 Tonne) - £319.00
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inc.VAT £319.00
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inc.VAT £319.00
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Electric Log Splitters

Mitox 801 LSV Vertical Log Splitter

inc.VAT £749.00

Log Splitters offer a great way to reduce time and effort turning your logs into smaller pieces for firewood & kindling

What is the purpose of a wood splitter?

Splitting wood using a log splitter is a safe, simple, and effective process. It takes care of the difficult task of making firewood or kindling, allowing you to heat your house without the arduous and time-consuming task of splitting wood with an axe. If you split wood on a regular basis, a log splitter is a must-have.

Manually splitting logs with an axe poses a variety of risks to which you must pay close attention. In addition to the disadvantage of the unfavourable overall wear and tear effect that splitting with an axe has on your body.

What are the many types of wood splitters available?

First, let’s go through the various types of log splitters. Splitters are available in three different types: electric, petrol, and manual.

Wood Splitters with Electric Motors
Electric log splitters are quick, powerful, and long-lasting, and they require little maintenance. They’re really simple and basic to use, and you can get started virtually immediately with little or no help. It’s as easy as pressing a button.
Electric wood splitters have a low-maintenance need, which is a big advantage. You won’t have to worry about replacing the petrol, and the hydraulic oil.
You can use an electric log splitter anyplace there is a power outlet, which means you can use it indoors without worrying about emissions. You won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours since the electric motors are pretty quiet. If you reside in the suburbs, an electric log splitter is almost certainly the best option for you.

Wood Splitters Powered by Petrol
Petrol log splitters are extremely powerful, but they are also significantly heavier than manual or electric log splitters. If you don’t have access to a power supply, a petrol log splitter would be worth considering.
You can move and use your splitter wherever your wood is kept, rather than having to take your logs to the splitter, since you don’t need to be plugged in.

Wood Splitters (Manual)
Manual log splitters are often easier to store and lighter than petrol and electric log splitters.
Manual splitters are more physically demanding obviously, yet they are still much safer and more efficient.

Since the manual splitter does not use any fuel or electricity, it is the most environmentally and economically beneficial of the three alternatives.

Where do you intend to put the wood splitter?

If you reside in a suburban location, an electric log splitter may be the best option for reducing noise pollution. A petrol splitter will allow you to go straight to the logs to split your wood if you split logs in a rural location as there will be no need to connect the machine to a power source.

The Log Splitter’s Design (Horizontal & Vertical)

You’ll also want to think about the wood splitter’s design and how you’ll store it. If you’re splitting logs for a log burner or fire, a horizontal splitter is most likely the better choice. Horizontal splitters, on the other hand, may cut a greater log diameter but only a shorter log length.

Vertical splitters have a longer maximum log length, but they are restricted by the log’s diameter.