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  1. Weibang iON 76 SD – WGRE01 - £3,499.00
  2. Weibang iON 106 ZT Zero Turn Mower – WGRE10 - £5,999.00
  3. Ego ZT4201E-L Z6 Cordless Zero Turn Ride On Mower Kit – 107cm - £4,799.00
  4. Ego ZT4201E-S Z6 Cordless Zero Turn Ride On Mower Kit – 107cm - £5,199.00
  5. Ego ZT5201E-L Z6 Cordless Zero Turn Ride On Mower – 132 cm - £5,599.00
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More gardeners are utilising Cordless Ride On Electric Lawn Mowers instead of traditional, petrol-powered garden tools.

The transition to renewable energy sources is also being felt in gardening and landscaping. In fact, it began in the 1990s, and while it has taken some time, the transition to electric equipment is now gathering great momentum.

Aside from helping to minimise your carbon footprint, consider the following benefits of using a Cordless Ride On Mower:

Beneficial to your plants

There’s very little dispute that the toxic fumes emitted by petrol mowers are detrimental to garden plants.

If that isn’t enough, studies have shown that toxic emissions can make plants more sensitive to pest infestation, and in extreme circumstances, these can kill entire crops – let alone a couple of plants in the back garden
Electric riding mowers are definitely safer for your garden’s plants and trees.

Electric ride on lawn mowers, and other electric garden tools, emit no emissions, allowing you to care for your garden with peace of mind.

No Mess

This is a risk while using a petrol-powered lawn mower. Filling up on petrol could result in spills that harm your garage floor or, worse, your grass – especially if the oil begins to seep while you’re mowing.

It can be a dirty operation, and the cleanup becomes considerably more difficult if your lawn is affected.

The fuel supply is clean with a cordless ride on lawn mower. There is no petrol, no spills, and no stains. Your garden (as well as your clothes) are safe.

Reduced Noise

The benefit of getting electric ride on lawn mowers is that they are substantially quieter than petrol powered mowers – up to 50-75 percent quieter.

Current petrol mower owners may need to wear ear protection if mowing their lawn takes longer than usual.

That is not something you, your neighbours, or the wildlife around the garden have to worry about with a cordless ride on lawn mower.

Less expensive to operate

Oil prices are notoriously erratic, and the expense of petrol quickly adds up. A fuel riding tractor that consumes oil while you mow may necessitate regular oil changes, particularly if you’ve a larger lawn.

Electricity is generally less expensive. Newer kinds of cordless ride on lawn mowers may run for longer periods of time on a single charge, lowering the operating costs of electric mowers.

Lower maintenance costs

Owning this type of mower will necessitate regular maintenance and servicing, and even then, the engine isn’t guaranteed to start when you’re ready to mow the lawn.

An additional advantage of electric ride on lawn mowers is that they do not require the same level of maintenance or upkeep as petrol-powered mowers. They are more reliable machines, therefore you will most likely save a lot of time and money on maintenance difficulties

The power of Cordless Ride On Lawn Mowers is increasing.

One of the concerns that seasoned petrol mower users have is that electric riding mowers are typically less powerful than their oil-powered counterparts.

To some extent, this may still be true.

However, technical improvements in the previous few years have resulted in electric mowers, becoming increasingly powerful and capable of doing the same tasks as fuel machines.

Longer battery life

Continuing the theme of power enhancements in the electric tool market, another significant advancement has been an increase in battery power and charge time.

Because batteries are lasting much longer, you can now mow a moderately sized lawn on a single charge with a modern electric riding mower.

If you’re mowing a large lawn, you may need to recharge the battery, but recharge periods have gotten shorter in recent years, so you can get back to work in an hour And, if you have a spare battery that has been previously charged, you can simply replace the drained one and keep running.

It is easier to operate.

Electric cordless ride on lawn mowers don’t require the lengthy start up checks a petrol would need after being stored over the winter. Simply charge the battery, press the button, and you’re ready to go.

It’s a far more convenient way to mow your lawn, free of the effort and stress that utilising an engine-powered device entails.

A lot easier to clean.

Consider the dirt that accumulates in and on a petrol-powered mower. Dirt that is difficult to remove and may be spread to your lawn. This is not beneficial for the soil or the vegetation.
Cordless Ride On Lawn Mowers are far easier to clean, if anything, because they do do not require oil and hence do not present the same clean-up concerns as engine-powered devices.

When shopping for a Cordless Ride On Mower, electric is becoming a better option.