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Some Key Benefits of Using An Electric strimmer / Brushcutter

Summer has pretty much arrived, which means the grass-cutting season is well under way and you might be thinking about changing some of your equipment as we start another cutting season.

If an electric strimmer / brushcutter is one of the items you may be considering, read on for some key benefits to help you decide.

For many years, if you had anything larger than a small garden, a petrol-powered trimmer was the way to go, but technological advancements have made electric and strimmer / brushcutters more powerful and long-lasting.

So, what are the advantages of a strimmer / brushcutter that is not driven by fuel?

There is no fumes or odours.

First of all, you will never have to mix fuel for it again. That means you won’t need to purchase petrol for your trimmer, oil to mix it with, or a specific fuel can to keep it in.
As a result, you’ll smell less like petrol and serve the environment a little better since less emissions will be produced.

It’s less taxing on your body.

For many individuals, the weight of an electric strimmer / brushcutters is the most important benefit. If you’ve ever used a petrol-powered model, you know how hefty they can be.
As time goes by, you may find that you can’t lift or manoeuvre it as easily as you once could, and the persistent vibration can lead to all kinds of discomfort when using it.

Electric strimmer / brushcutters are lightweight

They also vibrate a considerable amount less than petrol-powered alternatives. They are significantly less taxing on the body, which is beneficial for the vast majority of people.
You may actually question why you waited so long to make the change.

Some models are extremely light, however be aware that they may not be very powerful for those tougher jobs and should only be used for mild trimming.

Trimmers that run on petrol can be rather loud.

Electric Strimmers are significantly quieter, so your hearing will not be compromised and your neighbours will be also be more happy.
It also means you can begin the day earlier to take full advantage of cooler temps on a hot summer day.

Time is spent more efficiently.

Electric Strimmers do not require any warming up time either. Warming up a petrol-powered model can take several minutes and is obviously a waste of petrol, oil, and time.
There is no need to fill the trimmer with fuel, prime it, and pull the starting cord. Just simply connect an electric cable, hit the button, and you’re ready to go.

Maintenance is reduced.

And when you are finished, there’ll be a reduced amount of maintenance that needs to be done. With an electric trimmer, simply clear the debris, pack up the cable and store it. That’s it, and it’ll be ready for the next time.

There really is nothing wrong with using a petrol-powered strimmer / brushcutter, but electric strimmers & brushcutters have evolved tremendously over the years and provide lots of advantages.

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