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Petrol Brush Cutters, despite their appearance, are built to do substantially more challenging cutting jobs than a regular grass strimmer.

These machines’ increased power makes short work of removing overgrown regions of everything from tall grass to deep undergrowth and stubborn weeds.

Unlike electric or battery-powered options, a petrol-powered brushcutter offers the ability to work without concern about cords or limited work time. The right brushcutter for you will, however, be determined by the task at hand.

For the vast majority of residential trimming jobs, a petrol brushcutter with an engine capacity of up to 25cc will suffice.

Most versions include both a nylon line trimmer head and a robust metal brushcutter blade; the former is ideal for swiftly and efficiently eliminating patches of long, thick grass in regions inaccessible to a regular lawn mower, while changing to the latter makes cutting even dense scrub straightforward.

Aside from pricing, the main advantage of a smaller engine is that these models are often lightweight and more agile than their commercial counterparts.
This makes them much easier to handle for less experienced users, so removing unwanted weeds from your lawn will be a breeze with one of these machines.

Brushcutters with engines ranging from 25cc to 35cc are the next level up from these lightweight devices.
These are appropriate for heavy residential or occasional commercial use, with greater cutting power when coping with heavy workloads.

They are thus ideal for large property owners who need to maintain pastures and parkland on a regular basis, combining the brawn required to force through deep brush with the precision required for trimming in more formal settings.

The largest Petrol Brushcutters, which include ride-ons and wide deck walk behinds, ranging in size from 35cc to more than 50cc, are intended for professional use.

This type of machine is only required if you are undertaking really difficult trimming work in challenging situations, such as preparing big sections of scrubland for development.

One crucial factor to consider with these higher power Petrol Brushcutters is if you will be using it for extended periods of time, since many models include ingenious ergonomic features to aid your comfort and safety in such situations.

Some are also compatible with supplementary equipment such as hedgetrimmers, pruners, and saw blades, allowing you to tackle a larger range of trimming tasks with a single machine.

Whatever your demands are, there is likely to be something in our broad selection that is ideal for your strimming & cutting needs.

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