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Top Picks in 'Brushcutters / Strimmers'

  1. Stihl FSA 57 Cordless Strimmer / Brushcutter - £140.80
  2. Stihl FSA 135 Cordless Strimmer / Brushcutter - £441.60
  3. Stihl FSA 135 R Cordless Strimmer / Brushcutter - £415.19
  4. Ego ST1400E-ST Cordless Strimmer - £178.99
  5. Stihl FS 91 R Petrol Strimmer / Brushcutter - £493.80
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Brushcutters / Strimmers

Stihl Set Of Plastic Blades (Eight)

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inc.VAT £140.80£274.80
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Brushcutters / Strimmers

Stihl Square Mowing Line (Rolls)

inc.VAT £8.68£65.50
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Brushcutters / Strimmers

Stihl Autocut C 26-2 Mowing Head

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Brushcutters / Strimmers


Stihl FSA 86 R Cordless Strimmer / Brushcutter

inc.VAT £255.78

When considering to purchase a Strimmer or Brushcutter, the following factors will be useful to have in mind.

The size of your garden

If you have a well-maintained small to medium-sized garden, both the petrol and electric types would be ideal. Petrol strimmers are preferable for larger gardens since they are not limited by cords and extension leads, which are required for electric strimmers.

What are you planning to trim?

If you’ve a small to medium-sized garden and wish to trim the places that a lawnmower cannot reach, an electric strimmer is a great option. Some strimmers have an edger attachment that can be used to tidy up the verge between the grass and the flower borders, as well as along fences and walls.

A petrol strimmer might be best if you have long grass or a large lawn with overgrown regions. Petrol engines are substantially more powerful than their electric counterparts and are meant to cut through thicker foliage.

How much is your budget?

The more you spend on a petrol or electric strimmer, the more useful functions it will have. Entry level strimmers will have a smaller engine or motor, a fixed shaft, a single cutting speed, and fewer functions.
Premium models will have increased output power, adjustable shafts, bump feed/tap and go heads, comfort grip handles, and variable cutting speeds.

Which Power Source?

Electric strimmers range in price with cheaper strimmers only ideal for rapid trimming because to their simplistic design and lower wattage engines. Premium models will typically include a higher watt motor, an adjustable shaft, a rotating head, edging capacity, and a plant guard.

Petrol strimmers are more expensive than their electric counterparts, with only standard feed head and simple controls found on cheaper petrol variants. The more expensive petrol strimmers typically have a brush cutter blade for cutting brambles and thick foliage, as well as a carry harness and variable speed settings.

Petrol Strimmer Pro’s

Petrol strimmers are designed for heavier gardening tasks and longer periods of use. They are an excellent long-term investment and, if well maintained, typically have a longer lifespan than electric machines.
They can be moved to areas without access to mains electricity and are unrestricted by cables. Particularly if you have a large garden, paddock, or orchard, petrol strimmers are favoured by many users.

Typically, petrol strimmers include a brush-cutting blade for tackling undergrowth, saplings, and heavy bush. There are additional options for a looped handle and a bike handle. Contractors, landscapers, and professional gardeners favour petrol strimmers.

Petrol Strimmer Con’s

Petrol-powered machines are high-maintenance; they typically require servicing, regular cleaning, and might cease functioning if left idle for extended periods.
We suggest using fuel additives which extend the shelf life of fuel to prevent problems with starting and service regularly.

2-stroke strimmers necessitate the mixing of oil and fuel, which does emits fumes and requires the use of safety eyewear, a mask, and gloves.
Petrol strimmers are also quite noisy and as they emit emissions, this must be considered while operating them in densely populated places. When in operation we always suggest wearing ear defenders too.

Another consideration would be they are weightier than electric strimmers, so long periods of use with a petrol strimmer may cause wrist and arm pain after a long session.

Electric strimmers Pro’s

Electric strimmers are small and lightweight, making them suitable for quick trimming operations in the garden. They are low-maintenance and appropriate for usage by all homeowners.

They are much quieter than petrol strimmers and will not bother the neighbours. They are a suitable option for any gardener who does not wish to deal with the inconvenience of refuelling and maintaining a petrol engine.

A variety of strimmers and edgers are available at affordable prices. The higher the wattage, the greater the cutting capacity; 300w strimmers are good for trimming short grass and straightening up lawn edges, whereas strimmers with larger motors can cut through longer grass and weeds.

Electric and battery-powered strimmers emit no fumes and have no environmental impact, making it an attractive choice for the eco-conscious gardener.

Electric strimmers Con’s

If you frequently allow your grass to grow until it is thick and dense between mowings, a low-wattage strimmer may sooner wear out.
Equipment with a higher wattage may cut through thicker grass and weeds, but they are not intended for regular usage or trimming wider areas.
This not only limits the area that may be trimmed, but also makes it easy for the cables to become tangled when moving throughout the garden. Typically, a well-maintained petrol strimmer will last for many years.

If you intend to use the strimmer professionally, then you should invest in a petrol or commercial-grade cordless strimmer.

Cordless Strimmer Option

In recent years, cordless power has grown in popularity as customers have recognised the need to limit air pollution. High-performance lithium batteries may match the output of a small petrol engine, while rapid battery chargers can replenish batteries in 45 minutes.

Purchasing multiple batteries will reduce downtime, and backpack batteries provide the same flexibility to strim large areas as with a petrol strimmer when used away from power sources.

Electric strimmers typically have brushed motors, although many cordless strimmers have newer brushless motors. Brushless motors are more efficient and have a longer life span than their brushed counterparts.

Brushless strimmers can be more expensive than their brushed counterparts, but they are well worth the additional cost. Cordless strimmers with a brushless motor and battery are priced similarly to petrol strimmers and are a wise investment for the long run.

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