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Stiga Garden Machinery

Choosing the right brand is pivotal when it comes to garden machinery. Stiga, with its rich history and dedication to quality, is one such brand at the forefront of garden machinery solutions.

Stiga’s Range of Garden Machinery

Stiga caters to a broad range of gardening requirements, whether you’re a seasoned professional or someone who cherishes their backyard sanctuary. The company’s products are synonymous with innovation, efficiency, and longevity.


Stiga’s assortment of lawnmowers includes manual, battery-powered, and robotic variants. Each model is a testament to Stiga’s commitment to ease of use, durability, and superior lawn care results.


For tasks ranging from tree pruning to firewood cutting, Stiga chainsaws stand out, offering a blend of safety, power, and efficiency. With a range of models available, Stiga ensures there’s a chainsaw tailored for every need.

Hedge Trimmers

Designed for precision and ease, Stiga’s hedge trimmers guarantee neatly manicured hedges. With various power options available, there’s a trimmer suited to both occasional and regular trimming tasks.

Leaf Blowers

Stiga’s leaf blowers, celebrated for their power and efficiency, make garden maintenance a breeze. Whether for domestic or commercial use, Stiga offers tools that simplify the task of clearing leaves and debris.

Other Products

Beyond these, Stiga has an array of garden machinery including brush cutters, pressure washers, and cultivators. As always, each product reflects Stiga’s dedication to quality and user satisfaction.
In essence, Stiga’s array of garden machinery is robust, catering to various gardening needs. For those who value performance, innovation, and reliability, Stiga is a prime choice.

A history of Stiga Garden Machinery

Stiga, originally from Sweden, has been a revered name in the garden machinery industry for many decades. Their consistent focus on creating reliable, high-quality tools has made them a preferred choice for many garden enthusiasts.
Stiga, with its commitment to innovation, ensures that gardeners are equipped with the best tools. Their machinery, designed for both functionality and longevity, highlights Stiga’s understanding of the nuances and challenges of gardening.

Over the years, Stiga has received numerous accolades, further establishing its place as a top garden machinery brand globally. For those seeking tools that combine tradition with modern innovation, Stiga is an ideal choice.

Stiga’s Commitment to Quality and Durability

Quality and durability are of utmost importance in garden machinery. Stiga, recognising the demands of gardening, ensures that every tool is crafted to withstand the test of time and terrain.
Every Stiga product, backed by rigorous research and superior materials, is a testament to the brand’s promise of quality. With a keen focus on user experience, Stiga ensures that their tools are not just durable but also ergonomic and efficient.

Design and Engineering

Each Stiga product showcases the perfect blend of innovative design and impeccable engineering. These tools, while robust, are also user-friendly, reflecting Stiga’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Testing and Quality Control

Stiga products undergo stringent quality control processes. With rigorous testing standards, Stiga ensures that each tool is ready to tackle the demands of varied gardening conditions.

Customer Service and Support

Stiga’s commitment extends beyond product sales. Their exemplary customer service team is always at hand, ensuring users have the support they need, when they need it.


Stiga’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes it a brand of choice for many. Their products, reflecting a blend of tradition and modernity, are designed for those who seek the best in garden machinery.

Stiga’s Customer Support

At the heart of Stiga’s operations is a deep-rooted commitment to its customers. With a range of support services, Stiga ensures that users have everything they need to make the most of their products.

Product Information

From detailed user manuals to informative online resources, Stiga provides comprehensive product information, ensuring users can utilise their tools effectively.

Warranty and Repairs

Every Stiga product comes with a robust warranty, reflecting their trust in their craftsmanship. And in the unlikely event of repairs, Stiga ensures prompt and efficient service.

Customer Feedback

Stiga values the voice of its users and constantly seeks feedback to refine its offerings. This dedication to continual improvement ensures that Stiga remains attuned to the needs and aspirations of its users.


Stiga’s unwavering focus on customer support underscores its brand ethos. Be it technical guidance or general queries, Stiga is always ready to assist, ensuring every user feels valued.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stiga

Is STIGA a good brand?

Yes, Stiga is renowned for its quality, innovation, and long-standing reputation in garden machinery. Their tools are highly regarded by professionals and home gardeners alike.

Are Mountfield and STIGA the same company?

Stiga owns Mountfield. However, while they are part of the same group, they operate as distinct brands with their own product lines and histories.

Is STIGA a German brand?

No, Stiga is a Swedish brand. It originated in Sweden and has maintained its roots there.

Is STIGA part of Mountfield?

Yes, Mountfield is a brand under the Stiga Group. However, it’s important to note that they retain distinct identities and offer different product ranges.

Is STIGA made in China?

While Stiga is a Swedish brand, like many global companies, it might source certain parts or have some of its products manufactured in various parts of the world, including China. For up-to-date information on manufacturing origins, it’s advisable to refer to specific product details or the company’s official communications.


Stiga’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction shines through in every aspect of their business. Their wide range of garden machinery caters to diverse needs, ensuring every gardener finds the right tool for the job.
Over the years, Stiga’s commitment to evolving with the times, while maintaining their core values, has solidified their place as a top choice in the garden machinery industry. For those seeking reliability combined with modern innovation, Stiga stands as an exemplary brand.

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