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Top Picks in 'Debris Loaders'

  1. Billy Goat DL1802VEEU DEBRIS LOADER - £6,670.00
  2. Billy Goat DL1802V VANGUARD DEBRIS LOADER - £6,210.00
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inc.VAT £6,210.00
Ready To Ship
inc.VAT £6,670.00

The whole range of debris loaders offered by Billy Goat provides a solution for every size of operator, from the smallest to the largest thanks to their advantageous mix of power and size.

Fit For The Job

Our heavy-duty units, which are equipped with armour plate steel impellers, have a reduction ratio of 12:1, and they come with optional CustomFitTM features, allowing you to choose the mounting option that best suits your requirements.

The most substantial amount of debris may be quickly removed by using debris loaders. In addition, when we say clean up, we mean it literally.

Reduce & Mulch

Every one of our debris loaders is equipped with a twin shredding system that utilises a PiranhaTM blade to reduce the size of the material to a fine mulch. Instead of simply being collected or moved to a different location, this will result in a large reduction of your debris.

When only organic debris is shredded, the mulch that is produced is ideal for use in gardens and flower beds since it helps to improve the condition of the soil.

Time Saver

Because the debris will take up less space in your truck or trailer, the frequency with which you will need to empty it will reduce, which will save you some time.

Hanger Options

For certain debris loader models, we provide optional hanger kits that are simple to install, which allow the debris loader to be mounted directly to the tailgate. This will save additional space in the truck or trailer, and you may leave it mounted during the entire season.

Take a look at the range below for the perfect debris loader to add your garden machinery workforce.