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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing The Right Lawn Mower


Choosing the right mower ensures that you can enjoy a pristine lawn year-round. Several factors dictate the ideal choice for you, such as the size of your lawn and the power source you prefer. Here’s a guide to help you navigate your choices and select the best mower for your needs.

Lawn Size and Mower Choice

One of the primary considerations when choosing a mower is the size of your lawn:

Small Lawns

For lawns half the size of a tennis court or smaller, hand-pushed or electric mowers are ideal.

Medium Lawns

Equivalent to a tennis court in size, medium lawns may necessitate the consideration of cordless battery types or even petrol-powered machines.

Large Lawns

If your lawn is bigger than a tennis court, it’s crucial to look at powerful options, such as petrol mowers, for effective and efficient mowing.

Power Sources

Mowers are powered in different ways, each with its unique advantages:

Electric Mowers

These are mains-powered and are known for their quiet operation. They’re best for small to medium-sized lawns. Always ensure the power cord’s length is suitable for your lawn’s dimensions.

Cordless Mowers

Offering the advantage of mobility without cords, these battery-powered mowers are environmentally friendly and becoming increasingly popular.

Petrol Powered

For larger lawns, petrol mowers are the go-to for their power and range. They come with various features, such as self-propulsion, making them suitable for vast and uneven terrains.

Types of Mowers

There’s a variety of mowers tailored to different needs and preferences:

Cylinder Mowers

Perfect for high-end lawns, these provide an even cut, mimicking a scissor-like action for precision.

Rotary Mowers

These have a single, fast-spinning blade and are versatile, catering to different types of lawns and available in petrol, electric, or battery-operated models.

Collect or Mulch

Decide whether you want to collect clippings, mulch them, or have the flexibility to do both. Mulching mowers, for instance, cut grass into tiny pieces that naturally decompose, nourishing the lawn.

Additional Considerations

Apart from the primary considerations, there are several other factors and features to think about:

Mower Features

Look for features that enhance your mowing experience, such as rollers for those classic lawn stripes or mowers that help smoothen out bumpy terrains.

Optional Extras

Customize your mowing experience with add-ons like mulching kits, sprayer attachments, and more.

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