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Modern Cordless Brushcutters & Strimmers that really benefit from new battery technology

The most important technological advance for the gardener of the future is the creation of strong lithium-ion batteries.

This has allowed a wide range of battery-powered garden tools to rival with traditional petrol-powered equipment, providing significantly greater user convenience and environmentally friendly performance without sacrificing results.

The different battery-powered Brushcutters & Strimmers now currently on the market are perhaps the tools that have benefited the most from this technology.

Battery Technology’s Advantages

In recent years, lithium-ion battery tech has advanced to the point that it can now match the performance of petrol-powered machines.
Brushcutters & Strimmers are excellent examples of the many advantages of lithium-ion battery technology because these tools must be both powerful and portable in order to clear tall grass and dense shrubbery from gardens and other grassed areas rapidly.

Previously, batteries would discharge too quickly for this to be practicable, and corded electric strimmers were only suitable for small household gardens. Larger lawns and more extensive gardens would demand the use of the petrol powered equivalent, but this would mean high operating expenses and operating in a cloud of exhaust fumes.

This is no longer the case, as lithium-ion batteries and current electric motors provide a variety of benefits over traditional gasoline engines:

A Cleaner Working Environment

With zero particle emissions, battery power is safer for you and the environment, allowing you to work without breathing exhaust fumes or contributing to existing pollutants.

Noise Reduction All round

Because an electric motor is quieter than a petrol engine, Cordless Brushcutters & Strimmers are appropriate for usage in urban and residential areas where noisier petrol equipment may cause an undesirable nuisance.

Ease Of Use

Electric motors are easier to maintain than gasoline engines due to their simpler construction, and battery-powered machinery is also reliable and quick to start. Removing the need to refill saves a significant amount of time and work during the day, as well as avoiding costly fuel spills.


Strimmers powered by lithium-ion batteries may provide similar duration to a traditional machine on a full tank of petrol, so you can work in extensive areas without running out of power.

Reduced Costs

As a result of fuel and service costs, petrol-powered equipment is costly to operate and maintain, whereas battery-powered equipment is a pleasingly affordable alternative. Modern lithium-ion batteries are also long-lasting and dependable, so a battery-powered stick trimmer will eventually pay for itself!

Consequently, modern Cordless Brushcutters & Strimmers offer the same excellent cutting performance on wide areas as their petrol counterparts, but with the quiet, clean, and user-friendly performance characteristic of electric equipment.

Now there are battery-powered brushcutters that can handle the tough needs of professional use. This means that we have reached a tipping point in terms of how useful and convenient these high-tech machines are.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing a battery-powered Strimmer, what are your options?

Here at Mowers2Go, we offer some of the best Cordless Brushcutters & Strimmers on the market, all of which will give gratifying cutting performance with minimal bother.

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Stihl FSA 60 R Cordless Strimmer

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Ego ST1400E-ST Cordless Strimmer

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Ego ST1610E-T Cordless Strimmer

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