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Flail mowers – the universal mower for roadside ditches, steep meadows, scrub and dense growth

Difficult terrain requires unique solutions. Our flail mowers master any challenge.
AS-Motor’s hand-guided flail mowers can be comfortably maneuvered with two fingers thanks to single-wheel steering.

Our remote-controlled flail mower AS 751 is a professional solution to extreme slopes. RC technology guarantees operator safety and convenience when mowing on inclines over 50 degrees.

Unseen foreign objects in the grass

Flail mowers is engineered precisely for instances in which rubbish, waste or other foreign objects might be hiding in the grass. The 5 mm thick, Y-flails shred grass, branches and shrubbery into small pieces but if a pair of flails strike a hard unseen object, they give way. This feature not only protects the blade and mower unit but also the operator and any individuals passing by.

Efficient mowing: High cutting force and incredible work rates

AS-Motor’s flail mowers deliver impressive cutting results, even in high, dense and matted grass. The cuttings are finely shredded and uniformly deposited over the entire working area. There is no need to gather or dispose of the cuttings as they remain on the surface as a natural fertiliser.

Advantages of AS-Motor’s hand-guided AS 701 SM and AS 901 SM flail mowers

  • Incredible slope performance thanks to the low centre of gravity: 
    AS-Motor is a specialist for slope mowers and thus designed the AS 701 SM and AS 901 SM with a low centre of gravity to ensure performance; the AS 901 flail mower is particularly easy to guide on slopes thanks to its twin tyres.
  • Lightweight construction and optimal weight distribution: 
    Without a balanced distribution of weight, mowers will drift off course when mowing diagonally to the slope. Thus AS-Motor designed its flail mowers with intelligent, lightweight construction and optimal weight distribution. The robust AS 901 weighs just 217 kg with a 90 cm cutting width, setting the bar very high for machines of its category.

  • Easy maneuvering with the steering brake: 
    Simplicity of operation is an essential attribute of AS-Motor’s engineering philosophy. The AS 701 and AS 901 are incredibly easy to control with two just levers: pull the left lever for movement to the left, the right lever for movement to the right. Pull both levers to stop. Release of the right hand activates the automatic parking brake, bringing the machine to a stop safely, even on slopes.
  • Optional steel wheels for the slope:
    The AS 701 and AS 901 flail mowers can be equipped with optional steel wheels, which increase traction and reduce the mower’s tendency to slip or tip over when moving diagonally on slopes.