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Mulching mowers – with mulching you attain a lush, green and healthy lawn more quickly

The current trend in lawnmowing is mulching instead of collecting. Working without a collection bag saves time and money, as mulch provides a continuous, natural fertilising method. In addition, the sustainable layer of nutrients protects the lawn from drying out and the effects of heavy rain.
Professional and modern lawn care services trust mulching mowers for a perfect lawn.

How does mulching work?

The mulching blade cleanly cuts high grass and simultaneously generates an airflow that uniformly whirls the cuttings in the mulching unit. The mulching blade’s multiple cutting edges chop and mulch the grass several times. The tiny grass particles then disappear into the turf, forming a layer of natural fertiliser. Mulching is sustainable and saves time.

Step 1

The spring steel mulching blade cleanly cuts off tall grass up to a height of 15 cm..

Step 2

The air flow generated by the mulching  blade uniformlywhrils up he cuttings in he mulching unit.

Step 3

The grass is uniformly whirled up, then chopped and defibrated several times by the mulching blade with multiple cutting edges.

Step 4

The defibrated cuttings sink into the Turf where they are virtually invisible. Important nutrients and moisture are returned to the lawn. The layer of mulch produced in this manner protects the lawn from drying out quickly.

Proper use of a mulching mower

  • Mow every 10–14 days
  • For the best mulching result, mow in dry weather
  • Golden rule: mow 1/3 of the grass length, maximum
  • For overgrown lawns: Mow in two stages. The first pass at the highest mowing level (80-90 mm), the second pass at a medium mowing level (50-70 mm)
  • For particularly dense and thick grass, mulch slowly
  • Always mow areas counterclockwise from the outside to the inside

The advantages of mulching at a glance:

  • Time savings of 30% are possible with modern mulching mowers
    Up to two tons of grass cuttings accumulate on a 1,000 m² lawn area every year. These cuttings must then be disposed of. Spare yourself not just the cost of this process but up to 30% more time by mulching rather than collection bag mowing.
  • Mulch mowing is fertilising naturally – less consumption of fertiliser
    Fertilise less frequently and with lower costs. The fine mulch continues to fertilise naturally, supplying the lawn with nutrients over a longer period of time.

  • Fresh, healthy green – for a perfect ornamental lawn
    A fine layer of mulch protects the soil from drying out, so that even in hot summer periods the lawn does not become spotty.
  • Easily mulch tall grass up to 20 cm high
    Depending on the model, AS-Motor’s mulching mowers effortlessly mulch grass up to 20 cm high. This means you can mow less often.

Advantages of AS mulching mowers

  • The unique design of the mulching unit
    High-stability mulching unit made of galvanized steel and powder-coated.
  • 3-bearing crankshaft support
    Protects the engine in the event of unseen objects.
  • Special steel cutting blade
    Mulching blade developed in-house with three cutting edges.

  • Central height adjustment
    Adjust the mower to the desired cutting height quickly and easily.
  • Lightweight and stable wheels
    Double ball-bearing front wheels minimize impact on the grass, which quickly springs back up to be cut by the blade and delivers extremely uniform cutting results.

Mulching mowers for every terrain

Find the mulching mower best suited for your task alongside your AS-Motor dealer:

  • With drive function and 2-stroke engine for mowing on embankments, without wheel-drive for level lawn areas.
  • Cutting widths of 42, 46, 47, 51 and 53 cm and cutting height adjustment of 25 – 90 mm.
  • EasyStart function on the 2-stroke engine models; 60% less pull force required on the starter rope.