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Stihl Pruners to Make Work Easier

The Stihl GTA range of pruners for trees and shrubs employs a saw chain for cutting and is made to handle those challenging tasks around the garden. These compact tools, which run on a 10.8 volt battery, have more power than you may think, quickly slicing through heavy branches and logs.

A Stihl Pruner is a clever, compact, and powerful tool to make your life easier if you have a lot of trees and shrubs to manage. It also comes highly recommended.

One of these is a mini pruner, the Stihl GTA 26

Read on for more details

The Stihl GTA 26 is categorised as a garden pruner for trees and shrubs, but it has some similarities to the chainsaw line produced by the business. It has a guide bar that is 10 cm long and a chain gauge that measures 1/4 in. But since this isn’t a chainsaw, Stihl made the GTA 26 to be a secure and comfortable equipment for gardeners.

This particular type has a pistol grip and a rubberised handle that fits comfortably in one hand. The saw should be used safely with a second hand put on top to stabilise it. This variant includes an additional guard on top to shield the user from coming into touch with the saw.

Other safety features offered by Stihl include a scabbard that covers the saw when not in use. A finger switch must also be activated before you may squeeze the trigger to start the GTA 26. This prevents the saw from starting as you move it. The battery must be present for the saw to be operational, but the convenient carry case neatly allows you to store the battery separately so you may transport the saw without any power.

Like any equipment, the GTA 26 will need some maintenance. There is lubrication oil included, and the instructions explains how and where to use it. Normally, after clearing out any entangled debris, you should lubricate the chain each time you drain the battery.

GTA 26 open carry case from Stihl
Everything required to care for and use the pruner is included in the carry case.

The AL 1 battery charger, which can provide an 80 percent charge in 55 minutes and a full charge in 70 minutes, is used to recharge the GTA 26’s included battery. Additional AS 2 batteries can be purchased for about £30 each if needed. Simply push the GTA 26’s indicator button to turn on four LEDs, each of which is lit to indicate the percentage of battery life left.

Battery charger for the Stihl GTA 26
The battery charging is fairly quick, but second batteries may be found for a reasonable price for a longer run-time.

Features we like:

  • The guide bar and sprocket are accessible without using any tools.
  • Pistol Grip for added control
  • Quick charging Battery
  • Finger switch safety feature
  • Powerful motor