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What is the purpose of a roller on a lawnmower?

Lawn rollers are large cylinders that are attached to an axle and can be pulled by hand or trailed behind a garden tractor to smooth topsoil and flatten out gardens that are uneven or irregular.

When establishing a new lawn, people frequently use them as a technique to push the seeds into the topsoil and improve the germination process. This helps the seeds take root and grow.

Garden tractors from the 4/5/6 series, as well as the R4 ride-on mower, are all compatible with the Stihl AGW 098 garden roller.

The Stihl garden roller has a width of 98 centimetres, a weight of 23.5 kg (before it is filled), and a capacity of 120 litres when it is filled.

Suitable for use with any and all Stihl Ride-On Mowers (4, 5 and 6 series)