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  1. Mountfield 1538H-SD Petrol Garden Tractors - £2,199.00
  2. Mountfield MTF 98H SD Petrol Garden Tractor - £2,799.00
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Choosing Mountfield Ride On Mowers

Since 1962, Mountfield Ride On Mowers has been a staple in the garden machinery world. Although their lawnmowers have certainly changed over the last 50+ years from famous rotary machines, their trademark features have stayed true.

Whether you are buying a ride-on garden tractor or compact lawn rider, you can expect a high-quality machine and value for money. Mountfield is known for its reliability and performance. That’s why, by choosing any one of their affordable ride-on mowers, you’ll be joining generations of professionals and garden enthusiasts still using the Mountfield brand today?

What types of Mountfield Ride On Mowers can I buy?

Mountfield Ride On Mower
Mountfield Ride On Mower
You’ve probably arrived here because you need to mow a considerably large area of lawn (which we consider to be at least four tennis courts in size (0.5 acres) ). Anything of this size, we certainly recommend buying a Mountfield Ride On Mower to make the job far less time consuming and enjoyable. But which one should you buy?

We can split Mountfield’s vast range of ride-on lawnmowers into a few smaller categories:

  • Compact Riders: These are an efficient step up from the walk-behind mowers, which suit anything over half an acre. They come with two options of cutting width, 66cm or 72cm.
  • Garden Tractors: A better fit for widespread lawns (1 to 5 acres), with the added benefits of a fantastic selection of accessories, including mulching and roller.

What about power type?

Mountfield has two options for powering their ride-on mowers. The

  • Petrol Operated: The conventional method of power is reliable and will give the operator great coverage. Choose a petrol ride on mower if you need to mow for long periods.
  • Battery-Operated: A new technology for Mountfield, offering the same durability and performance as their petrol versions. Choose a cordless ride on mower for a quieter experience.

What is the difference in transmission?

The type of transmission you choose set out how you control the speed of your chosen Mountfield ride on mower.

Mountfield sets apart their manual (m) and hydrostatic (h) transmission ride on mowers by featuring the first letter of each in their code; for example, 827m is manual, 827h is hydrostatic. Both options offer a range of set speeds for you to selects.

A manual transmission works similarly to a manual car, allowing you to shift up and down the gears to various speeds.

A hydrostatic transmission works similarly to an automatic car but uses fluid to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. The benefits of this hydro system is a softer ride, more long-lasting and less maintenance.

Which Mountfield Ride On Mower should I buy?

You can use the above information to decide what type of ride-on lawnmower is best for you. Alternatively, give us a call on 01493 751659 and let our experts on Mountfield help you choose.

However, there are two standout Mountfield ride-on mowers extremely popular with domestic and commercial users.

Mountfield 827 Ride on Mower
Mountfield 827 Ride-on Mower

Mountfield 827 Compact Lawn Rider

This reliable Mountfield lawn rider is priced around the £1000 mark and is ideal for new and existing mower owners. Best for gardens under an acre, this compact ride-on mower features a:

  • 66 cm cutting width,
  • Four forward and reverse gears,
  • Six cutting height positions between 30-76mm,
  • Mulching capabilities.

Furthermore, you can buy the Mountfield 827 in a manual or hydrostatic version.

Mountfield 1538M-SD 98cm Ride On Mowers
Mountfield 1538M-SD 98cm Ride On Mowers

Mountfield 1538M-SD Lawn Tractor

Need something for a larger area? The 1538M-SD is a robust, adaptable and profoundly manoeuvrable ride-on mower.

Use this Mountfield lawn tractor on grass areas over an ache. Choose this lawn tractor to benefit from:

  • 98 cm cutting width,
  • Five forward and one reverse gear,
  • Seven Cutting height positions between 25 – 80 mm,
  • Mulching Plug & Tow Hitch included.

Mountfield ride-on mowers are an industry bench march. Think again if you believe your garden is too tiny for a ride-on mower. Ideally suited to lawns of half to three-quarters of an acre, with manual and hydrostatic (automatic) transmission choices — two cutting widths are available.
Make quick work of huge lawns ranging from 1 to 5 acres. Our selection of market-leading petrol and cordless Mountfield garden tractors. These Ride-on mowers with huge grass bags or specialized side-discharge variants discharge clippings from the side. Mulching is an option on all models.