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Top Picks in 'Stihl Disc Cutters'

  1. Stihl TS 410 Petrol Disc Cutter 300 mm / 12 Inch - £1,014.90
  2. Stihl TS 420 Petrol Disc Cutter – 350 mm / 14 Inch - £1,025.10
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How to Choose the Most Suitable Petrol STIHL Disc Cutter

One thing is certain: regardless of whether you call this specific equipment a “petrol disc cutter” or a “cut off saw,” you should consider which saw will work best for you. Cordless options are available, but as the petrol options are more varied we have focused on these here.

So, we’ve put up this really useful guide to assist you in selecting the best Stihl disc cutter for your needs.

Because Mowers2Go is an authorised Stihl dealer, you can be confident that you’ll get high-quality tools and equally exceptional customer service.

Here is a quick look at some of the most well-liked disc cutters we provide, along with some essential information to assist you in selecting the ideal machine:

TS 410

This saw is one of the most well-liked disc cutters we sell and it is quite affordable. A powerful saw that is also lightweight is what Stihl can provide you with. Weighing only 9.5kg, this cut off saw is not as hefty as some cut off saws. However, it is important to keep in mind that a heavy saw can make jobs feel more taxing.

If you want an example of how well-made the Stihl TS 410 is, go no further than the parts of this disc cutter that are made of lightweight, die-cast magnesium.

This saw stands out from the competition thanks to its high-quality and well-engineered components.

The Stihl saw’s long-lasting filtration systems and high-performance engines are other factors to consider.

Additionally, when you purchase a Stihl product, you can rest assured that you will be able to receive the necessary replacement parts.

TS 420

This sturdy, 9.7-kg cutter is another one of our best-selling products.

A construction industry favourite that is employed by numerous industries that demand a long-lasting saw with an ergonomic design.

The TS 420 is a high-quality saw that delivers excellent value for money for cutting stone, concrete, or asphalt.

TS 480i (equipped with Stihl’s fuel injection system)

The Stihl TS 480i is a model whose performance has been established all over the world for businesses that need a high-quality disc cutter with a motor delivering significant torque.

Why is this design so well-liked? The saw runs flawlessly and smoothly thanks to Stihl’s fuel injection technology, which is electronically controlled.

As long as you’re cutting concrete blocks, you’re going to need an efficient saw to get the job done.

In comparison to a Stihl saw that doesn’t use this injection technology, the TS 480i will be more fuel efficient and economical.

Ts 500i

Even though the Stihl TS 500i weighs only 10.2kg, it frequently excels when compared to other manufacturers’ saws in terms of power to weight ratio.

The acclaimed fuel injection technology from Stihl is also included with the Ts 500i. It is important to note that some disc cutters may operate in a manner that some would describe as “lumpy,” i.e., they may not operate as smoothly as others.

This implies that some cut off saws can cause the disc’s rotation to fluctuate to the point where they are difficult to use or even cause the engine to stall.

Stihl’s saws are just better than everything else on the market, and they are in a class by themselves. Fuel injection technology in this saw makes it incredibly powerful and smooth-running, making it perfect for use in a variety of cutting tasks.

TS 700

If you need a lot of cutting power, the TS 700 is an excellent choice. This saw’s 5.0 KW engine makes cutting some materials simple.

Even the most accomplished disc cutter users who utilise this tool for the most demanding tasks will be impressed by its light weight of only 11.7KG when compared to the saw’s true power.

Keep in mind that Stihl has a clear emphasis on ergonomics while designing these saws.

Stihl genuinely takes into consideration the operator, as a result.

TS 800

The TS 800 is a saw that is utilised all over the world when your business needs a heavy duty saw and is the most powerful petrol disc cutter from Stihl that we sell.

This saw, with its 5.0 kW engine and 12.7 kg weight, is the ideal saw for anyone who needs an extremely powerful saw and wants to invest in a quality brand at the same time.

Do you need Stihl parts?

Petleys not only provides supplies for Stihl cut off saws, but also for most other Stihl products. So, whether you need components for your Stihl pressure washer, chain saw, or garden trimmer, we can assist you.

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with finding the accessories, parts or components you need, as well as with guidance and maintenance for any Stihl products.

Do you require repairs for your Stihl product?

When it comes to other manufacturers, it can be difficult or even impossible at times to obtain replacement parts & components for specific products.

This means that if you buy a chainsaw, disc cutter, or garden trimmer from a different brand and it breaks down, it will only go to one place: the recycling centre.

But when you buy a Stihl product, you’re actually buying something quite different because it’s a high-quality item supported by authorised dealers who can assist with repairs.

One such authorised dealer is Mowers2Go, and we also employ highly skilled mechanics with years of expertise fixing and maintaining Stihl equipment.

Licensed Stihl Products

If you have purchased a Stihl product, you will want to maintain it and use high-quality products to extend its lifespan.

As a result, a lot of companies from Norfolk and the surrounding areas visit our store to purchase two-stroke oils, chain oils, and discs for their disc cutters.

To ensure that you gain the maximum value from your Stihl product, we can also recommend whether certain components should be replaced.

Get in touch to find out more