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Electric Pressure Washers

Stihl RE 90 Electric Pressure Washer

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Stihl Pressure Washers

There is no better range of products out there when you need to blast off grime than a Stihl pressure washer! Why? Landscapers and homeowners have been using the Stihl brand for generations because they can trust the quality of their products. The fantastic range of Stihl electric pressure cleaners are no different. All of these are great for jet washing, and you can use for cleaning:

  • Vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and motorbikes,
  • Patios and outside walls,
  • Conservatory and windows.

Stihl has even designed accessories and surface cleaners to help your cleaning efficiency.

Need help deciding on a Stihl pressure washer? Use our helpful guide below or call us FREE 01493 751659 for some expert advice.

Are Stihl pressure washers any good?

The brand-new pressure washer range from Stihl has a machine to suit every job in every garden. As of 2021, you can choose from six models, from the Stihl RE 90 up to the RE 150 plus. 

All of the power washers have some great features in common. For example, they all come with the rotary nozzle, and a fan jet nozzle is standard so that you can switch between nozzles to suit the job at hand, for instance, cleaning a car compared to cleaning the patio.

All Stihl pressure washers come with the rotating spray lance, which means you can adjust the high-power jet to suit whatever task you are doing perfectly. 

Furthermore, the anti-twist and quick-release coupling on these electric pressure washer makes setting up the spray hose extremely easy and prevent the high-pressure lines from tangling while you work. 

Additionally, a spray set comes with every pressure washer in the Stihl range, too. The spray set’s design makes it easy for you to add a cleaning agent to the spray jet when you need to tackle the ground in dirt.

What is the cheapest Stihl pressure washer?

The cheapest Stihl pressure cleaner in the range is the RE 90, a small pressure washer ideal for people with less space to clean and store. The compact design of the RE 90 means it only weighs 9.8 kilograms

making it the lightest machine in the Stihl pressure washer range. Additionally, it has a 6-metre long hose and an operating pressure of 100 bar, perfect for everyday jobs around the garden. 

When you have finished your pressure washing, there are two hooks on the side of the machine. 

These handy hooks allow the cable to wind neatly and securely store it on the product. But, of course, you can keep all sorts of accessories on the pressure washer too.

What Stihl pressure washers do we recommend?

If you have the budget to go above the entry-level RE 90, then the Stihl RE 100 pressure washer is also a great compact machine built to last. In addition, it has the same great storage features as the RE 90 pressure washer, such as neatly storing the cable and handy accessories.

It does, however, have an extra transport handle built into the underside of the machine, which is helpful if you need to move it around or lift it in and out of a car,

The RE 100 has a sturdy brushless induction motor and an aluminium high-pressure pump which all offer impressive performance and a longer

service life, so you know this is a Stihl pressure washer that will serve for years to come.

If you are looking for a more user-friendly power cleaner, then the RE 110 we recommend. This Stihl product has a practical storage compartment to protect the nozzles and power cable.

What’s more, the Lance has a soft-grip handle for extra comfort when working. This Stihl pressure washer also features a durable aluminium telescopic handle to make it easy to transport. The RE 110 also has a

quick-release coupling from the longer seven-metre long hose to the power washer. So it couldn’t be any easier to set up.

Which Stihl pressure washers are great for larger areas?

If you need a pressure washer to cope with a more extensive area, we recommend the Stihl RE 120 with an operating pressure of 125 bar. This power cleaner will cope with even the most stubborn dirt.

Should you have a larger area that needs cleaning, you can easily cover the ground with the 8 metres long steel reinforced high-pressure hose. With this Stihl pressure washer, the cleaning agent spray set that comes with the RE 120 also has a functional measuring system, so you have total control over the amount of cleaning agent you use.

Which Stihl pressure washer are other customers buying?

This year, the RE 130 and RE 130 plus are very popular. These make up the top of the range models. In addition, they feature this handy built-in hose reel which makes storing the 9-meter steel-reinforced hose an absolute breeze.

Moreover, the larger wheels on this model make moving it across areas easy – it can even handle stairs or rough terrain. This Stihl pressure washer is one of the most powerful products by the manufacturer.

You can handle any cleaning task with an operating pressure of 135 bar and a power output of 2.3 kilowatts. There’s also a full range of additional accessories to complement Stihl’s pressure washers, including:

  • detergents,
  • surface cleaners, 
  • vehicle cleaning sets,
  • extension lances,
  • rotary brushes.

These are all designed so you can get the cleanest possible finished using your Stihl pressure washer. Whatever the cleaning model you choose, you can be sure you’re getting premium quality for your home and garden.