STIHL Shredders for the garden

Garden waste easily reduced.
Your personal garden is a location where you may feel relaxed and energised. Stihls’ shredders make room for the essentials. They turn woody and soft garden debris into mulch or composting material in no time thanks to their powerful petrol and electric motors and sophisticated cutting mechanisms.

Shredders Powered by Petrol

No power supply is required.
Petrol shredders are the logical choice for shredding big amounts of material without the requirement for a power outlet. With their exceptionally powerful petrol engines, they have the power reserves to shred even thicker branches without being tethered to a single location.

Shredders Powered by Electricity

For gardens and areas with access to electricity
The extensive product range of high-throughput electric shredders makes them suited for a variety of activities. There is a model for every application, from occasional shredding of small quantities of young cuts to frequent breaking up of large branches.