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Aerator, Scarifier or Dethatcher? Find answers below to help you decide which to choose.

What is the difference between a scarifier and an aerator?

Aerators focus on generating holes for air and water to enter, helping to prevent compaction and some of the symptoms of thatch, but a scarifier does both of these things while also removing a lot of material, preventing thatch from inhibiting development.

Scarifiers also aid in soil aeration, making them a less effective but potentially more efficient alternative to aerators. An electric scarifier may be just as efficient as an aerator in smaller gardens, making it simple to remove moss and thatch from your lawn.

What is a Dethatcher and what does it do to your lawn?

Simply described, a dethatcher is a machine that eliminates thatch from your lawn effectively. For commercial jobs, a dethatcher can be as basic as a rake towed behind your tractor, or it might be motorised.
A dethatcher combs over the grass using metal blades or tines, pulling thatch up to the lawn’s surface.

Should I scarify or aerate?

When contemplating both aerating and scarifying, it’s best to scarify first, then aerate—but wait a few days between the two to give your grass a chance to recuperate before repeating the process.

Is it true that aeration is preferable to dethatching?

They both let vital nutrients such as fertiliser, water, and oxygen reach your lawn’s root zone, allowing it to develop and thrive.
Aeration, on the other hand, causes compacted soil to break down, whilst dethatching removes layers of thatch (dead grass and other detritus) from the top of the soil.

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Aerators / Scarifiers / Dethatchers

Stihl RL 540 Petrol Scarifier

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Aerators / Scarifiers / Dethatchers

Cobra S40C 16″ 2-in-1 Petrol Lawn Scarifier & Aerator

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