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Explanation of Milwaukee Safety Footwear

Explore the robust standards of Milwaukee Safety Footwear designed to ensure maximum protection and comfort for professionals across various industries. Adhering to the EN ISO 20345:2022 specifications, our range offers comprehensive safety features tailored to meet the demanding needs of your work environment.

Feature Description
S1 Basic toe protection, antistatic, fuel oil resistance, energy absorption in heel. Suitable for indoor sites.
S3 Water penetration and absorption resistance, midsole penetration resistance. Industry standard in the UK.
S7 New feature. Includes S3 features plus water resistance for entire footwear.
HRO Heat resistant outsole (300°C for 60 seconds).
FO Resistance to fuel oil.
LG Ladder grip.
SC Scuff Cap Abrasion resistance.
P Penetration resistant outsole (≥1000N).
PL/PS Penetration resistant outsole (average ≥1100N).
A Anti-static electrical resistance.
C Partially conductive footwear.
CI Insulation against cold (-17°C for 30 mins).
HI Insulation against heat (150°C for 30 mins).
E Energy absorption (≥20J).
WPA Water penetration and absorption resistance.
AN Ankle protection (impact transfer ≤10KN).
WR Water-resistant footwear.
CR Cut resistant upper.
M Metatarsal protection (100J impact energy).
SR Slip resistance (glycerine on ceramic tile).

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