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Top Picks in 'Stihl Hedge Trimmers'

  1. Stihl HLA 135 Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer – 20 inch - £471.00
  2. Stihl HS 87 T Petrol Hedge Trimmer – 30 / 40 Inch - £552.22
  3. Stihl HSA 94 R Cordless Hedge Trimmer – 24 / 30 Inch - £471.60
  4. Stihl HSA 130 Cordless Hedge Trimmer – 24 / 30 Inch - £417.60
  5. Stihl HSA 40 Cordless Hedge Trimmer 20 Inch - £122.56
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Hedge Trimmers by Stihl

We provide an excellent selection of battery-powered, petrol and electric hedge trimmers from STIHL that are quiet, lightweight, and powerful, yet quite simple to operate.
Work in gardens and parks is made simpler with STIHL hedge trimmers and long-reach hedge trimmers, their equipment has been engineered to provide the most efficient and pleasant cutting performance possible.
Stihl hedge trimmers were specifically designed for cutting overgrown thickets and exceptionally long hedges. Wherever more height is required, STIHLs’ long reach hedge trimmers provide the solution.
STIHL hedge trimmers are simple to use and comfortable for everyone. With Low-noise and high-power, they are ideal for both domestic and professional use and all include laser-cut and diamond-ground blades, ensuring a consistently perfect finish.

Go Cordless

Smaller shrub shears, compact, lightweight trimmers, and other cordless hedge trimmers are available.

STIHL cordless trimmers can help you get the job done, whether you’re a professional or a picky gardener. Both the HSA 66 and HSA 86 meet professional cutting performance and working comfort criteria. These cordless hedge trimmers have it all: wide tooth spacing and a droplet-shaped cutter geometry that efficiently retains twigs in the teeth for robust cutting performance.

Our trimmers combine three incredible high-performance features: a robust 36 V Lithium-Ion battery, a consistent stroke rate, and long, diamond-finished special cutters with incredible cutting capacity. As a consequence, you’ll get top-notch hedge-cutting results. Mobile, light, and capable. STIHL takes pride in its all-around excellence.

Cordless long-reach hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmers with a long reach and high performance. The HLA long reach hedge-trimmers are well-balanced and ergonomic equipment that keep the engine speed constant regardless of the load. They’re ideal for trimming tall and wide hedges since they can be adjusted for vertical and overhead cutting.

The Classic Petrol

STIHL petrol hedge trimmers are great for maintaining parks, gardens, and landscapes. They are distinguished by their durable build and useful features.

The equipment is available in two versions: T for trimming thin branches and R for cutting back overgrown or woody hedges, depending on the intended purpose.

Petrol long-reach hedge trimmers

Hedge trimming versatility
STIHL petrol long-reach hedge trimmers are utilised for any work that the traditional hedge trimmer can’t do.

You may trim tall and extra-wide hedges without the use of scaffolding or working platforms with these models. There are two lengths available.

The economical 2- MIX engine with ECOSPEED load management is now available on the HL 92 and HL 94, making them perfect for working in noise-sensitive environments.

Homeowners Favourite Electric

The STIHL electric hedge trimmer series is characterised by precision cutting performed by a reciprocating blade, optimal blade geometry, and quiet yet powerful operation.

The HSE 42 and 52 electric hedge trimmers are ideal for homeowners who want lightweight, simple-to-use garden power equipment.